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Student Anant Ram Dubey

   This is Anant Ram Dubey, doing B.Tech in Information technology from MNNIT Allahabad. Training at HPE Enterprise summer training programme 2015, has been an experience which has added so much to my bank of knowledge. I joined the Android Training programme here in June 2015 and what followed in the next 4 weeks, made it a bang for the buck spent. The courseware has been efficiently and systematically designed so as to cover all the basic dimensions of Android App development. From making a simple student database handling app to our own Chess game to making apps handling the hardware, the knowledge gained has been tremendous. Moreover, the way theory lectures and practical labs had been managed, made the learning process easier and more organized. All that we learnt in the theory class was directly implemented in the labs. Adding to this, were the trainers, who were really well adept in the field. HP has formed a firm base for Android, given me a direction and a great start. I would recommend this programme to everyone who wish to really learn something substantial and make good out of the time they have. .

Anant Ram Dubey, MNNIT Allahabad

Student Saumya Vishwal

   The training provided me with the appropriate technical exposure I needed to develop a keen interest in the field of Web design and development. Working on projects strengthened my concepts and I was able to independently develop attractive, user-friendly and interactive Web pages. The best part of my training was the practical session that followed the theory class each day.
I am immensely thankful to my mentor and project supervisor at HPE Enterprise, Kuldeep Gusain sir, for imparting his impeccable knowledge and being friendly and open to all our doubts and discussions. He made my training a highly enlightening experience.
Thank you HPE Enterprise for a more-than-satisfying summer training.

Saumya Vishwal, NIT Raipur

Student Rahul Choudhary

   I had taken 3 training under HPE Enterprise. The first one was on the "CORE JAVA" (Summer 2014). This training helps me to learn the basics of the java precisely and accurately so that I can use it in application part.
The 2ndand 3rd training was on the "J2EE STRUTS WITH HIBERNATE FRAMEWORK" and "ANDROID" respectively (SUMMER 2015). These two training helps me to brush my concepts of JAVA that I had learnt last year to the application level. Both of the training was good enough that I had not only cleared the basics of the web application and android but I had also completed several projects on the related topics. In short these trainings were like start up for my technical life.


Student Shubham Narnoli

   After completing summer training in Core JAVA from HPE Enterprise, I feel privileged. The complete training program was very well planned and organised. The methodology of teaching was scientific for effective learning. The way of teaching was hierarchical covering from basics to top level concepts and also the daily practical sessions after theory were particularly the most interesting ones. In these sessions, I not only came to know about my strengths and weaknesses in the concepts but also of others. Helping others during practical sessions made me aware about the other mishaps that may occur during programming.
Apart from these, the faculty were available any time during the training hours and were keen to help the students and solve their doubts. Summer training from HPE Enterprise has been particularly very helpful for me during placements in final year.


Student Nilansh

   My name is Nilansh. I study in ThaparUniversity , Patiala pursuing my Bachelors (B.E) Computer Science. I Completed my Summer Internship/Training in HPE Enterprise Noida Starting with my experience , Our Teacher , MrKuldeep Singh , was one of the best teachers I have come across my life. He was always available for any type of problems and taught us with full enthusiasm and energy. I started with having classes and followed with my project on "Online Food Portal" .
We were thoroughly taught about many of the Topics on my subject - Web Development and also about Web Designing. It was a 4 Hour class daily which allowed us to learn and perform accordingly. There were always supporters with us which helped us at every moment . I got new contacts and friends having an expanse of all the colleges and placements.Therefore, attending classes, fun with our teacher, acquiring the best rank, long routes from our pg's , everything was exciting and it had become a part of special memory for me

Nilansh , Thapar University Patiala

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